Featured 2004 Olympia Photos With Captions: Page 1.

Check out these exclusive pics with captions from the night show and from the expo.

Simon Robinson at the Dorian Yates booth.
Cathy & Lee Priest.
Is that Conan The Barbarian?
Sergio Oliva with a fan.
At the Animalpak.com booth.
The beautiful Lena Johannesen.
Strongman champion Bill Kazmaier.
Frank Sepe.
Lauren with Arnold.
Ronnie' trainer Charles Glass.
Wow. Timea Majorova is hot in person.
Carmen Garcia, Idrise Ward-el, Kat Meyers, Brenda Kelly, Bob Cicherillo and Christina Lindley at the BB.com booth.
Toney Freeman was looking huge.
The hot VPX girls.

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