2004 Yo Murphy Foundation Celebrity Basketball Game: Photos.

2004 Yo Murphy Foundation Celebrity Basketball Game!
More pics from the Yo Murphy Foundation for Disadvantaged Kids NFL Celebrity basketball game in Idaho Falls, Idaho.


Britney scores it a three pointer.
The high schoolers were getting schooled by the pros.
Cleave Lewis, European basketball pro coached the high schoolers to a 90-89 victory.
Az Hakim gives the shirt off his back to a lucky fan.
With this form Britney should be shootin hoops instead of throwing towels.
Britney and Linsdey visit with future Bodybuilding.com girls.
Ram defensive end Tyoka Jackson blocks the floor.
ISU alumni Kent Marboe.
He'll grow into it...
Yo takes a breather.
Even the refs wore some Bodybuilding.com gear.
Tavarus Hogan gets pointed to the pine after shooting an airball.
Bodybuilding.com girl Angie brought plenty of towels. She always makes them sweat.
Bodybuilding.com girl Britney on a fast break.

Once again, thanks to everyone that came and helped make it possible! Be sure to come to the 2004 Boise Fitness Celebration at the Big Easy on April 16th. More info coming soon!