2004 Yo Murphy Foundation Celebrity Basketball Game!

This past weekend Bodybuilding.com was a proud sponsor of the Yo Murphy Foundation for Disadvantaged Kids NFL Celebrity basketball game in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
This past weekend Bodybuilding.com was a proud sponsor of the Yo Murphy Foundation for Disadvantaged Kids NFL Celebrity basketball game in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The former St Louis Rams wide receiver and punt returner has hosted a NFL golf tournament for the kids the past three years and decided to add to the kitty with a basketball game this year.

The team of NFL players and former players included:

  • Andre Hastings - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Az Hakim - Detroit Lions
  • Tyoka Jackson - St Louis Rams
  • Reidel Anthony - Washington Redskins
  • Tavarus Hogan - Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The NFL guys took on the area high school all stars in a game that featured high flyin speed combined with a little NFL showmanship.

During the few breaks in the action the Bodybuilding.com girls kept the crowd on their feet with their sizzling hot looks and lots of free t-shirts and workout towels tossed into the stands. The packed house had a blast, lots of money was raised for the kids and the after party went most of the night.

Pics From The Event:

(Left to right) Az Hakim sporting the fashionable Bodybuilding.com towel on his head, Reidel Anthony played hard and played the refs harder. Yo Murphy trys to keep a straight face but who can when listening to a coach dressed in white shorts. The Bodybuilding.com girls kept the benches warm.

More Info About The Yo Murphy Foundation

The Yo Murphy Foundation was founded on the simple, honest foundation of "giving back." Throughout his life, Yo has always given of his time, energy and resources to help those around him and the Foundation was formed as a way of organizing and managing all of these efforts. The Foundation will help Yo give back what he has learned as a professional athlete in an effort to encourage others to pursue their dreams.

The Yo Murphy Foundation derives its operating income from a number of sources, including individual donations and gifts, corporate sponsorships, income generated by fund raising promotions, public speaking engagements and personal appearances by Yo Murphy on behalf of the Foundation.

The Foundation's goal is to allocate a minimum of eighty percent of the total operating income directly supports Foundation programs, leaving just twenty percent to cover all operating expenses and Foundation administrative costs and expenses. All of the financial dealings of The Yo Murphy Foundation, as well as decisions regarding program administration, are the responsibility of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, a group of volunteers representing a cross-section of the community and its Chairman.

Contributions to The Yo Murphy Foundation in support of its programs are intended to be deductible to the full extent allowable by law. Chartered as a non-profit organization, The Yo Murphy Foundation is operated exclusively for charitable, literary or educational purposes. For such purposes, it may promote, establish, conduct and maintain activities on its behalf, or it may contribute to or otherwise assist other corporations, organizations and institutions that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended from time to time, or corresponding sections of any future federal tax codes.

For more info, go to http://www.yomurphy.com.

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