2004 Arnold Classic Polls!

Who do you think should have won? Were the judges fair? Should Greg Kovacs retire? Is Arnold to good...
We want to know what you thought about this years Arnold, so we made some easy to use polls!


Who Do You Think Should Have Won The 2004 Arnold Classic?
Jay Cutler
Chris Cormier
Dexter Jackson

Who Do You Think Should Have Won The Fitness International?
Adela Garcia-Friedmansky
Kelly Ryan
Jen Henderschott

Who Do You Think Should Have Won The Figure International?
Jenny Lynn
Monica Brant
Susie Curry

Who Do You Think Should Have Won The Ms. International?
Iris Kyle
Yaxeni Oriquen
Betty Pariso

Should Greg Kovacs Quit Competing In Bodybuilding?
Yes - He Looks Awful!
No - He Is Huge!
No - Everyone Should Have A Chance!
I Seriously Don't Care!

What Do You Think About Having Onstage Props?
They Are Stupid & Are A Disgrace To Bodybuilding!
I Like Them & Will Work Them Into My Routine If I Can.
What Are You Talking About?
I Seriously Don't Care!

Are You Suprised That Monica Brant Has Not Won A Pro Show Since The 1998 Fitness Olympia?
Yes - Very!

Are You Interested In Sylvester Stallone's New Product Line, InStone?
Yes - Anything To Do With Rocky I Am There!
Could Be - Need To Know More About The Products!
No - Why Would I By Supplements From An Actor?

Should The Arnold Classic Be Moved?
Yes - Ohio Sucks!
Depends On Where!
No - I Love Ohio!
No - Why Fix Something That Is Good?

Who Do You Think Will Win The 2004 Mr. Olympia?
Ronnie Coleman
Jay Cutler
Dexter Jackson
Lee Priest
Chris Cormier
Gunter Schlierkamp
Gustavo Badell
Bob Cicherillo
Kevin Levrone

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