2004 Arnold Classic Expo Pics: Page 6.

2004 Arnold Classic Expo Pics!
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A pic from our seats at the competiton.
Arnold giving an award to Bill Pearl.
The Champion Nutrition booth.
Next Nutrition's huge banner.
There were around 25 VPX girls handing out free bags.
Gunter Schlierkamp competed in the competition.
Gunter met with a ton of fans.
His arms were unbelievable!
Our booth in the background.
Russ Yeager in the AST booth.
ISS brought some fitness girls as well!
Arnold slowly made his way around the expo.
Arnold stopped to talk with Sergio Oliva.
They seem like great friends!
They talked for awhile.
The crowd took pics of Arnold.
The crowd around Arnold was crazy!
Wouldn't it be crazy to be this famous?
Writer Isaac Hinds with Carmen Garcia.
Carmen has a huge fan base.
Model Christina Lindly also signed pics in our booth.
Bob Cicherillo in his Bodybuilding.com shirt.
Bob even helped take pictures of Brenda and her fans!
Gunter's double bicep pose!
These girls were in their underwear!
The MMUSA girls threw shirts out to the crowd.
Art Atwood was promoting the new Optimum Adenergy product.
George Farah with Will.
Leonard in the Legal Gear booth.
Don't try this at home!

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