2004 Arnold Classic Expo Pics: Page 5.

2004 Arnold Classic Expo Pics!
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Everybody wanted a pic with her.
Now this is a way to get attention!
Simon Robinson (great bodybuilder with one leg) with a fan!
Dorian Yates near his Dorian Yates Approved booth.
Dorian Yates always is an expo favorite.
In the "Sexiest Woman Alive" booth.
The PureForm booth.
Avera Sports's huge banner.
A moment this guy will not soon forget.
Premier was sampling their great bars.
Prolab's big booth.
Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray!
The fans were lined up to meet Lenda.
Former Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva!
Bob Cicherillo signed autographs in our booth!
The Bodybuilding.com booth was PACKED all weekend.
Hundreds of message boards members met together.
The Bodybuilding.com booth.
Bob was huge and ripped.
Brenda Kelly has a ton of fans.
Brenda was handing out free stuff.
Kat Meyers was in our booth also!
Roland Kickinger was right across from us.
Our booth team!
A great mix of people.
It was amazing how popular this booth team is.
Bob looked big from all directions.
Fans kept coming up to him all day.
Carmen Garcia signed her pics.
The Arnold Classic competition was packed.

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