2003 Night Of Champions Results!

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2003 Night Of Champions Men's Bodybuilding

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    1) Victor Martinez
    2) Pavol Jablonicky
    3) Craig Titus
    4) King Kamali
    5) Johnnie Jackson
    6) Bob Cicherillo
    7) Art Atwood
    8) George Farah
    9) Milos Sarcev
    10) Rodney St. Cloud
    11) Toney Freeman
    12) Heiko Kallbach
    13) Jeffrey Long
    14) Mike Morris
    15) Ronnie Rockel
    16) Craig Richardson
    17) Idrise Ward-el
    18) Bruce Patterson
    19) Tommi Thorvildsen
    20) Milton Holloway

The following did not make the top 20: Wong Hung, Oleg Makchantzev, Jean-Pierre Fux, Mike Sheridan, Berry Kabov, Rudi Solomon, Alexander Vishnevski, Mustafa Mohammad, Jeramy Freeman, Rod Ketchens, Kenny Jones, Gustavo Badell, Clifton Torres, Valentin Jabes, Jocelyn Pelletier, Kamal El-Gargni, Leon Brown, Aaron Maddron, Fred Bigot, Evgeny Mishin, and Nelson DeSilva.

Full men's scorecards are here.

Note: Top 5 qualify for the 2003 Mr. Olympia.

Pics From The Men's Show!

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2003 Night Of Champions Figure

    1) Davana Medina
    2) Jenny Lynn
    3) Mari Kudla
    4) Jamie Franklin
    5) Elaine Goodlad
    6) dina Al-sabah
    7) sharon Christian
    8) (tie) Aleksandra Kobialek
      Sharon Kooyaras
    10) Allison Williams
    11) Lesli Russell
    12) Andi Breunis
    13) Milamar Sarcev
    14) Christine Pamponio-Pate
    15) Amy Wilkins

Full figure scorecards are here.

Pics From The Figure Show!

    Tons of great pics of each competitor are here!

2003 Night Of Champions Women's Fitness

    1) Kelly Ryan
    2) Stacy Hylton
    3) Anna Leve
    4) Julie Palmer
    5) Tracey Greenwood
    6) Kimberly Klein
    7) Beth Horn
    8) Stacy Simons
    9) Julie Childs
    10) Lisa Uzzle

Full fitness scorecards are here.

Pics From The Fitness Show!

    Tons of great pics of each competitor are here!

2003 Night Of Champions Women's Bodybuilding

Heavyweight Class

    1) Betty Viana
    2) Zdenka Razymova
    3) Barbora Mrazkova 4) Beth Roberts
    5) Lisa Aukland

Middleweight Class

    1) Kim Harris
    2) Desiree Ellis
    3) Jeanie Papparone
    4) Heike Jung

Lightweight Class

    1) Denise Masino
    2) Rosemary Jennings
    3) Marja Lehtonen
    4) Fanny Barrios
    5) Angela Debatin
    6) Mary Ellen Jerumbo

Full women's scorecards are here.

Pics From The Women's Show!

    Tons of great pics of each competitor are here!

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