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The 2003 Arnold Classic Expo may have been the busiest one yet! Nearly every pro and magazine fitness babe was there. Check out these great pics!
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Brenda Raganot was in our booth. She placed 3rd in the contest!
Ryan Ward, Layne Norton, Amber DeLuca and me, Ryan DeLuca.
Layne, Aaron Baker, Merry Christine and Russ DeLuca pose in our booth!
Amber DeLuca and Jeremy DeLuca. Amber is NOT related to the other DeLucas... but it was a funny coincidence!
Big Idris Ward-El signed autographs in our booth!
Many of Idris' fans stopped by all weekend.
Idris Ward-El, Aaron Baker, Merry Christine and Lauren Powers.
The booth was packed all weekend!
Jeremy DeLuca with NFL wide receiver, Az Hakim, who was signing autographs in our booth.
Juliette Bergmann was also in our booth and had many excited fans.
Merry Christine with one of the outfits that she made. It said "" on the sleeve!
It was tough to pack this many stars in one booth!
This fan almost lost both his arms!
Az Hakim from the Detroit Lions and pro bodybuilder Idris Ward-El.
Nick Worrell and Lauren Powers talk about IDS's new products.
New pro Rosemary Jennings was looking great in our booth!
We gave out t-shirts to anybody who would put them on right then.
Merry Christine must have handed out over 15,000 samples and flyers herself!
Troy Alves placed in the top 10 at the show.
Troy and Az hung out in the booth all day on Sunday.
Sexy Valentina Chepiga signed autographs in the Universal booth.
Jay Cutler shows me why I shouldn't mess with him.

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