The 2002 Show Of Strength Pictures: Page 3.

The 2002 Show Of Strength Pictures!
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The Men's Contests!

Johnnie Jackson looked great!
Johnnie Jackson at Pre-judging!

Bob Cicherillo poses for the crowd.
Gunter Schlierkamp's amazing back!

Look at Gunter's glutes! Mother love bone!
Ronnie Coleman shows of his best bodypart.

Art Atwood doing a side chest pose.
Art Atwood and Ahmad Haidar "relax".

Lee Priest came in 4th.
Top 3: Chris Cormier, Gunter and Ronnie.

Dennis James, Dexter Jackson, and Lee Priest.
A great pic of Gunter giving the crowd everything he's got!

Gunter: The next Mr. Olympia??
The crowd was behind Gunter 100%.

Side view of Gunter and Chris Cormier.
Gunter couldn't stop smiling the whole time.

Gunter and Ronnie fight to the finish.
Art Atwood, King Kamali and Johnnie Jackson.

"Dude... that guy must workout."
Gunter getting ready to takeoff.

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