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The 2002 Show Of Strength Pictures!
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At The Expo - Continued...

Valentina Chepiga with Brenda Kelly in the booth.
Some maniacs competing in the arm wrestling competition!

The real reason everybody traveled to New Orleans this weekend.
Russ Greenberg from UltraLab, Valentina and Brenda.

Looking hot out on the town.
The group from Pinnacle.

Brenda Kelly, Russ Greenberg, Angela Mraz and Valentina in our booth.
Brenda with Debbie Kruk.

Brenda with Aaron Maddron and Rachel Moore!
Brenda and April workin' the booth.

Valentina Chepiga dancing the night away!
Pro Rosemary Jennings and April.

Rosemary Jennings getting close to Victor Martinez.
Rosemary cheating on Victor with Pro Melvin Anthony. =)

Victor then steals Rosemary from Melvin and takes her away to his underground lair!
Battle of the biceps between Rosemary, Cathy Priest and Russ DeLuca from

Looking good in the Pinnacle booth!
Lenda Murray... once again Ms. Olympia.

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