12 Week Transformation Video Guide: Weeks 3 & 4.

In this episode, follow along with Brian Friedman, the guy being trained in the video by Tito Raymond and Bob Cicherillo. Follow his workouts, and you'll get the same results!

Weeks 3 & 4: Busting Our Hump!

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Brian Friedman - Start Of Week 3.

    Brian's Stats: Start Of Week 3

Bodypart Measurement Now Weeks 1-2 Change
Bodyweight 205 Pounds 218 Pounds -13 Pounds
Body Fat 24 Percent 27 Percent -3 Percent
Chest 41 Inches 44 Inches -3 Inches
Waist 43 Inches 44 Inches -1 Inche
Hips 43 Inches 45 Inches -2 Inches
Thighs 26 Inches 25.5 Inches +.5 Inches
Calf 16.5 Inches 16 Inches +.5 Inches
Bicep 15 Inches 15 Inches 0 Inches

One of the hardest yet most beneficial parts of starting a transformation is writing down that initial list of body part measurements, weight and bodyfat percentage. The fun part is watching these numbers change drastically over the next twelve weeks.

Your Training
Your Nutrition
Your Supplements
Your Motivation
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Weeks 3-4: Your Program

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dot arrow Nutrition: dot

    Increase meals from five to six. This will further shock the body to feed its increasing metabolism.

    Cut out the carbohydrate on meal four. This will deprive the body of ingesting calories and will instead only give the option of using stored calories (fat) as fuel.

    One teaspoon of flaxseed oil or one tablespoon of almond butter should be taken with the meals not containing carbohydrates.

    The second updated example is listed below:

    Meal 1 (Pre Cardio)

      Option 1 - ½ Cup of oatmeal cooked in water, mixed with 35gm of protein powder
      Option 2 - ½ Cup of Grits mixed with 35gm of protein powder
      Option 3 - 6-10 Egg whites on two slices of whole meal bread


      5gm of Glutamine
      1 multivitamin
      2 glasses of water

    Meal 2

      Option 1 - A fist sized portion of fish mixed with ½ cup of brown rice and vegetables
      Option 2 - A palm sized portion of steak with a fist sized portion of pasta
      Option 3 - A fist sized portion of chicken with a palm sized baked potato

      2 glasses of water

    Meal 3

      Option 1 - Meal replacement shake. The CNP products are a great choice and tastes great when mixed in a blender with ice cubes
      Option 2 - Two turkey sandwiches on whole meal bread.
      Option 3 - A fist sized portion of lean ground beef and a palm sized sweet potato

    Meal 4 (pre workout)

      Option 1 - A palm sized portion of steak with one palm sized baked potato and salad
      Option 2 - 6-10 Egg white omelette with veggies and half a cup of brown rice
      Option 3 - 1 Protein bar. The Detour bar has proven to be popular.


      5gm of glutamine
      5gm of Prolab Creapure
      3 glasses of water

    Meal 5 (Post workout)

      Option 1 - 35gm of Whey Protein Powder
      Option 2 - One palm sized turkey Pattie combine with 2 egg whites
      Option 3 - One palm size portion of chicken and veggies

      5gm of Glutamine
      5gm of Prolab Creapure
      3 glasses of water

    Meal 6

      Option 1 - One palm sized portion of chicken wrapped in lettuce and salsa
      Option 2 - One palm sized portion of steak and veggies
      Option 3 - 6-10 Egg white and vegetable omelette

      5gm of Glutamine
      2 glasses of water

dot arrow Supplementation: dot

    Add BCAA's to your supplement program. These should be taken before and after you workout and upon wakening and retiring. Use as bottle recommends. This will provide the body with the amino acids that your body cannot create by itself as it does with other. This will provide the body with the amino acids that assists in preventing catabolism.

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    5gm of Creatine should be mixed in water and should be taken prior and following workout. This will help with the body's ability to produce an energy called ATP. This allows the muscles energy to increase its staying power and could result in several more essential reps to be attained.

dot arrow Motivation: dot

    Print out several of your before pictures and place it on your fridge, on your bedside table and near the T.V. People who have successfully completed the transformation have also revealed that keeping a before picture of themselves in their wallet and on their computer screensaver has also been instrumental in their motivation as a consistent reminder of how they do not want to picture themselves.

    Use visualization techniques. Picture how life will be in your new body. You will have more energy, confidence and vigor which will more than likely increase your confidence and will establish a more positive outlook on life.


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Using Visualization!
Learn about visualization and how it can improve your performance in any sport that you participate in. Some examples given here are in basketball.
Kelly Baggett

Stay Tuned: Weeks 5-6.

Check back next week for Weeks 5-6 of this 2008 transformation video series! If you're following this program you will most likely share Brian's accomplishments. Remember, if you didn't put on your unwanted weight in just four weeks, then you're not going to take it off in just 4 weeks!

"Stick with us in this 12 week transformation and
you will gradually see the new you."

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