The 11 Commandments For 2011! 11 Tips To Make The New Year A Success!

Whether you are someone making health and fitness a New Year's Resolution for the first time, or tried and failed for years, this year is going to be different. This year will be your year.

Whether you are someone who is making health and fitness a New Year Resolution for the first time or you have tried and failed for years, 2011 is going to be different for you. This year will be your year. If you have any doubts about that, then erase them now because success is your 2011 destiny.

To ensure success you can follow these 11 Commandments to avoid making the mistakes that cause failure and to stay motivated not only this year but for years to come.

This year will be your year for change and these 11 Commandments can help.

Commandment 1: Make A Decision, Not A Resolution

The reason most people fail is because New Year Resolutions are something that is done every year and is normally laughed at because they joke about how they will forget by February. Therefore in the mind resolution equals failure. This year do not make New Year Resolutions. Make decisions in 2011. Decisions are final. Decisions are acted upon. Acting on those decisions is what will help you succeed.

Have You Made A New Years Resolution That You Have Successfully Stuck With?

I've Made It Stick For The Better Half Of A Year.
Yes I've Made At Least One Resolution Stick.
I've Successfully Achieved More Than One Resolution.
I've Achieved All The Resolutions I've Set.
No I Give Up Shortly After The New Year.

Commandment 2: Make Long Term And Short Term Goals

If you set one goal for the long term then it seems so far away that you will give up before reaching it. I do suggest long term goals but I also suggest setting short term goals that will serve as steps you can climb to help you reach that mountaintop you have set for yourself. Focusing on the short term goals will make the road easier for you to travel and will give you more confidence as you reach those targets. Here is an example. Your long term goal is to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks. Make short term goals of losing 5 pounds every three weeks.

Commandment 3: Write Everything Down

Having the goals in your mind is not enough. Those of you that have tried and failed in the past know that this is true. You need to see it to keep it fresh in your mind and to remind you of what you want to do. You should get a notebook and write down your goals, your motivation, and anything else that will keep you going when the times get tough so you won't stop working. There are many successful people from athletes to CEO's and all other walks of life that do this. You should too.

Even something as simple as writing down your goals can better your chances for success.

Commandment 4: Join BodySpace

Are over 600,000 people going to be wrong? I don't think so. BodySpace has helped literally thousands of people all over the world reach their goals and do more than they even thought they could do. BodySpace is the most motivating social network online today and if you are not a part of it already you need to be. BodySpace is full of people that are already successful and people that want to reach their goals just like you.

You can join for free and write everything out in your BodyBlog to keep you motivated since others will see what you are trying to do and will push you. There are BodyGroups you can join that are full of folks that have similar goals to yours. Being in those groups will give you a network of motivation to push you and to celebrate with. There are many champions that have said that BodySpace was the one component that was missing before they reached their goals. It could be just what you need too.

Commandment 5: Take Before Photos

Mentally this is a big step but it is a step you need to take. To get where you want to go you must understand where you are leaving from. This is true when it comes to fitness. You see that photo and you know exactly what you want to change. Take both front and back photos and post them on your BodySpace.

Although this is tough for many people to do it should serve as motivation for you. Imagine how far you are going to travel and how different the after photos will look when you take them 12 weeks from now. Imagine how impressive the transformation will look when the before and after pics are side by side.

Your before and after pictures can be as just impressive as James Welch's.

Commandment 6: Find 10 Inspirational People On BodySpace

Out of over 600,000 people on BodySpace there are going to be many that inspire you. Some will be more impressive than others and having role models are a great source of motivation. If they can do it so can you. So find 10 people that really stand out to you and label them as one of the Members That Inspire You.

Seeing these beacons of success will drive you when times get tough and you think about stopping. They won't let you and you will be glad they didn't. Who knows? Maybe in 2012 someone will label you as someone who inspires them.

Who knows? Come 2012 you could be as inspiring as XNick EdgeX or ChickenTuna.

Commandment 7: Make A Plan And Follow It

There are thousands of articles on that will help you come up with your own strategy to reach your goals. There are all kinds of training plans from FST-7 to Dramatic Transformation Principle and many others. There are all types of nutrition articles to help you choose the right foods and help you avoid making mistakes. Supplements can be confusing but we got you covered there too. Browse around the SuperSite and get the bodybuilding education you need to earn a PhD in fitness. Once you get that plan stick to it because consistency is a key to progress.

Commandment 8: Track The Workouts And Progress

Nothing beats seeing your progress to keep you inspired to work harder. BodySpace has all kinds of ways to show you that you are succeeding. You can post entries in the BodyBlog that will remind you why you are doing this. You can use the Workout Tracker to post each workout to remind you what you want to improve on next week. You can also update your lifting stats and body stats and see progress in a chart. Seeing the lines move in the right direction will boost that confidence off the charts.

Commandment 9: Enjoy The Journey

Look. This is more than going to the gym to lose a few pounds and increasing your bench press. You are changing your life. You are doing something that many people either can't or won't do. This isn't to be taken lightly. Take the time to enjoy the journey and appreciate what you are doing. This will make the destination that much greater when you get there.

Commandment 10: Celebrate Any And All Progress

I am going to use a football analogy here. The 12 week goal is the Super Bowl. Your first 3 Week goal is getting in the playoffs. Your next 3 Week goal is winning your division. At the 9 Week mark you find out you are going to the "Big Game". Finally you win it all. The point is in order to reach your ultimate goal you must accomplish the smaller goals first. So when you reach those smaller targets celebrate those too. Once again this helps you stay motivated and working hard for the big one.

Small victories are still victories. Make sure you celebrate your successes.

Commandment 11: Do Not Quit!

I don't care what adversity you run into or what obstacles stand in your way. You keep going and let nothing stop you. If there is a hurdle you jump over it. If there is a wall go around it or smash right through it. Each step forward is progress.

You don't stop and you don't back up for anything. This will be your year and having the determination to finish what you started is why 2011 is going to be a year you remember for the rest of your life. Make sure you keep your BodySpace updated so you can have that motivation right at the click of a mouse when times get tough. Look to those that inspire you for that source of mental energy you need to get up and go. Let nothing stop you on your path to being a champion and a New Year Success Story!


Print these 11 tips if you like and keep it somewhere you will easily be able to look at it so you can remind yourself of each of these commandments. All 11 of these tips will go a long way in helping you do what you want to do in 2011. Have a healthy and happy new year!

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