2008 Arnold - Men's Finals Review.

Congrats to three time winner Dexter Jackson! Jaime Filer's on location review of the 2008 Arnold Classic Men's Finals.

Men's Finals - OFFICIAL TOP 5

1. Dexter Jackson:

    Huge response from the crowd when his name was initially announced. His hams hang off his lats. His legs are hard and grainy from the front, but they're not vascular or striated. His back looks like a roadmap with all those lumps and bumps. His X-mas tree and V-taper are accentuated by his small waist (which has gotten bigger than last year).

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Dexter Jackson At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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Dexter Jacksons' 2008 Arnold Classic Posing Routine.
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2.Phil Heath:

    He was a lot tighter and drier than this morning, but he doesn't have the physique that he did at the Ironman. His glutes and hamstrings were still cut and dry, but it looked like his back was holding a thin film of water. His back will get a lot better as his muscles mature and get denser.

    This guy has many successful years ahead of him, so although a win at the Arnold may not be in the cards for him this year; look for him to do big things eventually. His abs are a lot deeper than they were this morning as well. He is the youngest competitors in the field, so we have to give this guy a lot of credit.

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Phil Heath At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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3.Kai Greene:

    His first two years as a pro were a bust, but he broke out last year. Gaining the weight was a GREAT call on his part. Slow and controlled entrance. He hammed it up for the cameras. It was beautiful to watch. His red posing trunks and fiery glares to the audience were complimented by the flaming backdrop he had as part of the scenery on stage. Shredded hamstrings, quads, glutes, triceps, pecs, delts, obliques... I could go on.

    This man is the complete package. Dry, full, hard, I like him. The audience could have probably watched him go all night, he's just that good. He even posed after his music ended, and no one cut him off for a while. The only word to describe him is "magical". We'll see what happens tonight, but from my point of view. This guy kicks butt.

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Kai Greene At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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4.Branch Warren:

    Tiny little muscles I didn't know existed were popping out of this guy's legs. He brings back hardness and graininess we haven't seen since the days of a certain Mr. Olympia by the name of Dorian Yates. You can really tell he's brought up his chest and back, and that the time away from leg training really did his physique some good.

    One of the loudest applauses of the evening. I hope he does well because he's made such improvements in his physique and is slowly leaning towards a more shapely body than just pure freaky, Markus Ruhl-type size.

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Branch Warren At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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5. Silvio Samuel:

    Deeply etched abs. Definitely tightened up from the morning, especially in the legs. His striations were awesome, and the separation in both the quads and the hamstrings were excellent. His posing movement was elegant. It's always better in the posing round than at pre-judging.

    Apparently, Bob Ciccerillo was going to speak to him between prejudging and the finals about his presentation. Whatever that talk was about, it worked; Silvio transitioned beautiful, and went through the motions with poise and grace. Then, he brought out the moves. Melvin Anthony-Kai Greene type moves. Great response from the crowd. His tan looked a lot better as well, which often makes a difference at these big shows.

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Silvio Samuel At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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6. Gustavo Badell:

    "This is a tribute to the 10 Mr. Olympia winners of the last 40 years" - He really hit the nailed on the head with his poses. Solid performed that the crowd loves. He was holding a bit of water in his legs, but his upper body was solid and dialled in. This wasn't the best Gustavo we've seen, but it was a damn good one none the less. He's still a little blockier, which is why he won't win, but he doesn't have any really weak body parts.

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Gustavo Badell At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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And The Rest...

Moe El Moussawi:

    I have it on good authority (i.e. From Moe himself) that his wife picked out his music. He says that he doesn't plan out his routine in advance; he usually just does whatever he feels like. He's got a great quad sweep, and excellent lines, but he looked a lot tighter and sharper at the Ironman. His glutes and hams were still striated, which should score him some points with the judges. Full muscle bellies, but his lats need a lot of thickness and wideness. He was really flat tonight.

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Moe El Moussawi At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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Toney Freeman:

    Definitely added solid leg mass since last year, which is hard for a tall guy like Toney. But he brought his legs in cut and dry, which was impressive. He looks better from the front than the back, but his rear poses are still excellent. Solid X-mas tree, but his lats could use more thickness. "In case you forgot, he's still the X-man".

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Toney Freeman At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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Johnnie Jackson:

    His legs and abs looked a lot better than this morning. They weren't perfect, shredded and dialled in, but there was a significant improvement than when I saw him at pre-judging. For a big man, he moves very well and his transitions are well planned and well timed.

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Johnnie Jackson At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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Desmond Miller:

    "Wheels of Steel", which is unfortunate because de doesn't really have any other outstanding bodyparts. This makes his physique a little unbalanced, but I'm sure he's trying hard to bring up his weaknesses. Branch took time off training legs to get his other body parts up to par, and perhaps this is a technique Desmond should consider using if he really wants to move up in this game. He could also take his waist in and make his lats and delts thicker to create a more dramatic V-taper and X-frame. Crazy shredded hams and glutes.

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Desmond Miller At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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Ronny Rockel:

    One of the most symmetrical athletes in the show/ He really has a beautiful physique. His hamstrings and glutes were watery, and could have used more separation, but his upper body was awesome. He has thick and powerful arms that aren't too big for his shoulders. He fumbled a little midway through his routine, but finished gracefully, and chose excellent music to compliment his physique. He wasn't as tight as he was at the Ironman, but he was still good.

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Ronny Rockel At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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Adorthus Cherry:

    Tiny little waist. Lacked solid quad/ham separation from the side, but his pecs, shoulders and delts were great. He was also holding water, and possibly fat in his mid back and lower back which was evident when he hit a rear lat spread because there were roles in it. His posing routine was good, but not memorable.

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Adorthus Cherry At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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Melvin Anthony:

    The soft music seems to be the theme of the night, but that really isn't Melvin's thing. Sure it's nice and graceful, but the fans want to see Melvin Shake it and get down. He's got a great back, and his X-mas tree is exceptionally deep and striated. It's a shame he didn't get better call-outs this morning, because he definitely tightened up from this morning.

    He glides across the stage with such poise and ease like a guy who weighs a buck-fifteen. His hams practically hang off his legs when he starts to go down into the splits. You can see every little leg muscles he's got. It's almost as though the man doesn't have a bone in his body.

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Melvin Anthony At The 2007 Arnold Classic.
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Deshaun Grimez:

    Nothing really impressive about his physique. It didn't get better or worse from the morning. It just kind of stayed mediocre. While he was walking across the stage, he didn't tighten his abs and his waist was really thick and blocky. He has great traps and nice legs.

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Deshaun Grimez At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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Dave Henry:

    He needs to go back to the preparation that he used to use. He may have gotten it in his head that he needs to be bigger, but that's just not his style. Smaller guys need to come in shredded and conditioned, and that's just not the package that Dave brought to this show.

    He was full and cut, don't get me wrong, but he just didn't bring that token conditioning we know him for. Dave "fixed" something that wasn't "broke". The beginning of his routine was nice and he seemed to be enjoying himself onstage. But like Silvio, he brought out the moves when he was done with the soft music. He really enjoyed bringing out his inner "Soulja Boy".

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Dave Henry At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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