The Poe Show - Episode #1 - Bodybuilding Video Show Intro!

Follow Brandon Poe through his contest preparation for several bodybuilding contests for 2007. Learn what it takes to compete from grueling workouts, cardio, nutrition and more. See how he balances life outside the gym! View video trailer here...

Bodybuilding Contest Journey

Follow Brandon Poe through his contest preperation for many bodybuilding contests in 2007. Learn what it takes to compete; from grueling workouts, nutrition, cardio and more. In the coming episodes you will see Brandon's life outside of the gym where he has many hobbies that his bodybuilding attributes have helped him excell in.

In his free time he enjoys snowboarding, biking, camping, and spends the majority of his time as a competitive moto-cross racer with a growing collection of trophies. He has learned that bodybuilding can positively affect every aspect of his life and plans to maintain his interest in fitness to fulfill all of his future goals and aspirations.

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-> How It All Started:

    I started weight training for sports in high school. By watching my genetics go to work on my physique I quickly became addicted to improving my size and symmetry. This has affected many aspects of my life from bodybuilding to moto-cross racing.

    By maximizing my nutrition and keeping a strict workout regimen I believe I can continue my winning streak and add to my trophy collection.

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Brandon Poe.

    I am looking forward to working with while they follow me through my grueling contest preparation. My ultimate goal is to win some over-all titles this year and possibly get my pro card.

The Poe Show: Episode #1
Bodybuilding Video Show Trailer

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Check back soon for the next video and meet some of my bodybuilding mentors, training partners, and inspirational people that make all my accomplishments possible. We will be tearing it up with some intense workouts at the local Gold's Gym in Boise, Idaho where all the magic happens.

In the mean time, check out Brandon Poe's BodySpace Profile.

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