Recipients Of The Inaugural 2006 FLEX Awards! Pictures & Review.

In an effort to recognize and celebrate physical excellence, positive contributions to the industry and hard work FLEX held a special awards ceremony. Learn who recieved this special award.

In an effort to recognize and celebrate physical excellence, positive contributions to the industry and hard work, the inaugural FLEX Awards presentation took place in conjunction with the Olympia Victory Gala, September 30th at the Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bob Cicherillo, the IFBB Athlete Representative (for men's bodybuilding) served as the host of the ceremony and presenting the awards were Ben Weider, IFBB President and Dr. Rafael Santonja, President, European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (EBFF).

The following are the recipients of the FLEX Awards:

Rookie Of The Year:

  • Phil Heath - Male bodybuilder
  • Gina Alliotti - Figure competitor
  • Phil Heath
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Ben Weider & Phil Heath.

Most Improved:

'06 Athlete Of The Year:

  • Jay Cutler - Male bodybuilder
  • Betty Pariso - Female bodybuilder
  • Betty Pariso
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Betty Pariso & Ben Weider.

Vanguard Award:

  • Lee Haney - 8x Mr. Olympia
  • Lee Haney
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    Ben Weider, Lee Haney & Raphael Santonja.

Congratulations to all the FLEX Award nominees and award recipients! They are a great inspiration and serve as outstanding role models for the entire industry.

For more information about the '06 FLEX Awards, please contact Bob Cicherillo at

Thank you.

Rob Wilkins
Special Assistant to the IFBB

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