2006 Body Rock Bodybuilding, Fitness, And Figure Competition!

The 2006 Body Rock Expo, Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness contest was held July 8th at George Mason University in DC/VA. Get the latest results, reviews, and photos right here.

NPC BSN BodyRock Bodybuilding and Figure Championships and the NPC BSN Monica Brant Fitness Classic featuring The ENDORUSH BodyRock Health & Fitness Expo was held on July 8th at George Mason University in DC/VA. There were over 150 athletes, 900 prejudge tickets sold, 1150 finals seats sold and a whopping 41 venders booths! The weather was perfect and there is an outdoor café with healthy options for all.

    Results From The 2006 Body Rock Competition Here.

Post-Show Coverage

Below you will find the latest reviews and photo galleries from the 2006 Body Rock Expo. Check it out!

2006 Body Rock Review.  
2006 Body Rock Review By Ian L. Sitren

An exciting entrance through vendors giving away record amounts of goodies led to an auditorium where the stage was filled with dancing colored lights and rising smoke backgrounds. Learn more about what went on at this great show.

2006 Body Rock Review.  
2006 Body Rock Review By Brenda Kelly.

The road to the 2006 BSN and GNC Body Rock Expo, Bodybuilding, Figure and Monica Brant Fitness Classic started months and even years before my Friday July 7 flight to Dulles from LAX @8 AM. Here is some of my feedback of an awesome show...

2006 Body Rock Pics
2006 Body Rock Pics By SecondFocus.

Check out the complete gallery from the 2006 Body Rock competition right here.

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