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Standing Cable Chest Press

Exercise Data

Type: Strength Main Muscle Worked: Chest Other Muscles: Shoulders, Triceps Equipment: Cable Mechanics Type: Compound Level: Beginner Sport: NoForce: Push
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Standing Cable Chest Press Images

Standing Cable Chest Press
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Standing Cable Chest Press
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Standing Cable Chest Press Guide

Main Muscle: Chest

  1. Position dual pulleys to chest height and select an appropriate weight. Stand a foot or two in front of the cables, holding one in each hand. You can stagger your stance for better stability.
  2. Position the upper arm at a 90 degree angle with the shoulder blades together. This will be your starting position.
  3. Keeping the rest of the body stationary, extend through the elbows to press the handles forward, drawing them together in front of you.
  4. Pause at the top of the motion, and return to the starting position.

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