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Incline Push-Up

Exercise Data

Type: Strength
Main Muscle Worked: Chest
Other Muscles: Shoulders, Triceps
Equipment: Body Only
Mechanics Type: Compound
Level: Beginner
Sport: No
Force: Push
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Incline Push-Up Images

Incline Push-Up
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Incline Push-Up
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Incline Push-Up Guide

Main Muscle: Chest

  1. Stand facing bench or sturdy elevated platform. Place hands on edge of bench or platform, slightly wider than shoulder width.
  2. Position forefoot back from bench or platform with arms and body straight. Arms should be perpendicular to body. Keeping body straight, lower chest to edge of box or platform by bending arms.
  3. Push body up until arms are extended. Repeat.

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Tip: Incline Push-Up

Exercise Rating

Jan 21, 2014 6:00 PM: I use this as a make shift for developing my strength after breaking both my wrists from a hit and run. Surprisingly it's been rewarding and progressive, while not demanding too much on my wrists. Ideal for anyone who needs to restart strength training. Can be done slowly as well (preferably, but no...+See More

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Review: Incline Push-Up

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Jul 10, 2012 7:39 PM: A good beginning exercise for those who doesn't have the strength to do 12 pushups.

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