Amateur Fitness Competitor of the Week: Stephanie Billings

Amateur Fitness Competitor of the Week: Stephanie Billings! - Pics and info and more!
  • Name: Stephanie Billings
  • E-mail:
  • Age: 25
  • Where: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Years Bodybuilding :1
  • Favorite Bodypart: Quads
  • Favorite Exercise: Shoulders
  • Favorite Supplements: Soy Protein, BCAA's, ZMA and Sonomax

How Did You Get Started?

I grew up in a home of football players-my dad and both of my brothers. Playing sports and lifting weights was the staple of our lives. Pushing around heavy weight was something I enjoyed early in life! My brothers and I not only played sports with one another, but my mother made sure we were signed up for every team possible, starting with t-ball and basketball. In return this made me a very competitive person.

But, a family of football players not only lifts heavy, but they also eat heavy! All my life I have struggled with my weight and body image. These issued have plagued me my entire life... even at the age of 5 on the t-ball field; I had to make sure I had a bow in my hair! I started cheerleading at the age of 8 and continued through high school-- this too added to my insecurities since I was not the 'typical size' of a cheerleader. During my first year of college, my habits got the best of me and I progressively put on the pounds.

January 2005 I had reached my breaking point. At 180lbs and 29% body fat, I was uncomfortable in my own skin. It was at that time that I started teaching myself how to eat right... reading every fitness article I could get my hands on! I cleaned up my diet and started doing cardio six days a week and weight training four days. In eight months I lost 40lbs. the right way… hard work, diet and exercise.

Fall 2006, I went to a body building show in my home town to watch one of my friends compete. As I watched the figure competitors, I thought to myself-- "I can do this!" I went home that weekend and put my competition plans into action. I joined a fit team, put together by IFBB Pro, Julie Lohre. The thirteen of us worked together for one common goal. Having the support and advice from other competitors really made my first competition one I will never forget. I not only got in the best shape of my life but I made many life-long friends.

March of 2007 I competed for the first time in the Northern Kentucky Body Building Championship, myself along with all of my team-mates. I placed fourth in my class and was 'hooked for life'. I finished out the year competing in four more shows... each time increasing my placing! I cannot wait to see what 2008 is going to bring!

Competition History:

  • Northern Kentucky Championship: 4th
  • Cincinnati Championship: 3rd
  • Indiana State Championship: 2nd
  • Caveman Classic: 1st
  • Europa Super Show: 11th

Currently, I live in Louisville, Kentucky, with my two little dogs, Ozzie and Moses. Competing has become a huge part of my life and I enjoy every minute of every workout and every cardio session! It is sometimes difficult to "fit" meal prepping and working out into my schedule, but I always make the time to get it done. Everyday I wake up and give thanks to the Lord for all the things He has done in my life. He has and does help me through everything in my life, even through my daily cardio and workout sessions!... and especially through the whole contest prep! - Defiantly where I get my strength!

I am also a resident at the Louisville Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, completing my Masters in Public Heath (MPH) and Masters in Health Care Administration (MHA) from Western Kentucky University. My intention is to always practice what I preach, life by example and help others strive for healthier lifestyles!

Stephanie Billings
Photo Credit: Rick Lohre
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What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

-> Cardio:

    Doing morning cardio Monday through Saturday is the perfect way to start everyday! During the off-season I stick with 20 minutes every morning, alternating steady-state and HIIT training. I run outside or on my treadmill and do HIIT training on local stadium stairs or sprints in my neighborhood. The biggest changes in my physical structure began when I started HIIT training. During competition time I do 45 min sessions along with plyometrics 1-2 times per week.

-> Weight Training:

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

For the past eight weeks I have been doing a new diet, which I believe has made a substantial difference in the way I think about eating. Todd Ganci has completely transformed my diet and supplement regimen- I feel better physically then I have my entire life!

The diet has helped me make gains, but at the same time stay within a good weight and body-fat range. Todd is always available to answer any of my questions and he has really helped to transform my diet as well as my physical appearance. He is undoubtedly knowledgeable and I am very, very grateful for all of his help!

The diet of course is tailored to my specific needs right now (off-season) and my physical make-up, moreover, it consists of completely organic foods, no artificial sweeteners or flour. A couple months ago I could not image my life without Splenda-but no more!

I eat every 2.5-3hrs and most meals consist of a carbohydrate (Ezekiel bread, brown rice, organic rolled oats), a protein (usually chicken or fish-salmon, tilapia, cod and swordfish are my favorites!) and lots and lots of vegetables (squash, zucchini, broccoli, green beans and mushrooms are my daily 'cannot live without!') I also use soy protein for my pre and post workout.

Stephanie Billings
Photo Credit: Rick Lohre
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What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

BCAA's, I believe should be a staple in every competitors diet, as well as glutamine. I take ZMA every night before bed, and drink Sonomax, Monday through Friday. These are four supplements I feel have helped me make the greatest gains.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

I LOVE fitness! Working out and eating right is a way of life for me now. I have never felt physically, mentally and emotionally better in my entire life. It's what works for me and what makes me happy. Working out is something I look forward to after a long day of work and school.

It's challenging- and constantly working towards a goal is so, so , so rewarding. My favorite quote, posted on my fridge is,

"To Get What You've Never Had, You Must Do What You've Never Done."
- Anonymous

And that is exactly the tract I'm on right now!

Stephanie Billings
Photo Credit: Rick Lohre
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What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

Next year I plan to compete with a vengeance! My physique is already benefiting from my off-season and I cannot wait to see the overall progress I have made! I plan on doing Jr. Nationals in June, Europa in August as well as a few other shows in-between. Long-term I would eventually like to become an IFBB Pro-Competing is something I could not imagine life without!

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

Set daily goals for yourself -- as well as long term goals, too AND, stay positive! Happiness and joy come from within. You are the only one responsible for yourself. You must make the blatant choice to be happy. Once you decide to be happy you act in happiness. When something bad happens (and, yes, something bad will eventually happen!) step back and allow yourself a moment to find a positive reaction, and be blessed! :)

Stephanie Billings
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