Amateur Fitness Competitor of the Week: Shelagh Ranalli

Amateur Fitness Competitor of the Week: Shelagh Ranalli! - Pics and info and more!
  • Name: Shelagh Ranalli
  • E-mail:
  • Age: 40
  • Where: Kitchener, Ontario
  • Height: 5' 4"
  • Weight: 128 Lbs., contest: 118 Lbs.
  • Years Bodybuilding :1
  • Favorite Bodypart: Arms
  • Favorite Exercise: Arms and Abs
  • Favorite Supplements: MRM Chocolate Protein Powder, Udo's Oil

How Did You Get Started?

I was inspired to compete when I started reading Oxygen magazine and after meeting Kary and Uche Odiatu ( at FAME Canada June 2004. Since I was approaching my 40th birthday in the Fall I decided to train for a Figure competition as part of attaining a 'Fit & Forty!" goal.

On November 20th 2004, I hit the stage at the CBBF Level 2 Figure competiton and won 3rd Place in the medium height class and 2nd in the Masters class. I was hooked and since then have competed in the following:

Competition History

    April 30th, 2005 Sportlab Model Search - Top 20 (out of 48)
    June 18th, 2005 Ontario Figure Championships (3rd Place Medium)
    June 25th, 2005 Ontario Natural Championships (2nd Place Short, 1st Place Masters)

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

I like having a variety of training programs to cycle every 3 - 4 weeks. Generally I prefer a 4-day split but some weeks I'll work one body part (per week) and other times I'll work them all twice per week.

Supersets are my favorite way to train because I like to keep moving from one body part (say BB chest press) to another (like lat pull down). I hate waiting for rest periods!

Again, with cardio, I love to mix it up. I'll do a 30 min. plyometric routine once a week and love to get outdoors and run bleachers or ski hills (my new form of leg attack!).

Sample Training Plan

    Mon: Upper Body ( Shoulders, Arm supersets) + 30 min. cardio (Stepmill)
    Tues: Lower Body (Quads, Calves & Abs) + 30 min. cardio (Elliptical)
    Wed: 45 min. HIIT treadmill run (a.m.) + 30 min. plyometrics of 45 min Spinning class (p.m.)
    Thurs: Upper Body (Chest, Back, Arm supersets) + 30 min. cardio (Stepmill)
    Fri: Lower Body (Hamstrings, Calves, Abs) + 30 min. cardio (Bike)
    Sat: 45 min. Spinning Class
    Sun: 45 min. run ski hill or bleachers

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What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

I am a firm believer in real food for fuel. I take a multivitamin and supplement with protein powder once or twice a day until 3 weeks before a contest. I find it easier to understand your body and how to get in contest shape if you limit the number of outside factors.

I am very sensitive to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners so I eliminate them as much as possible. I like MRM Metabolic Whey sweetened with Stevia because it is a natural sweetener derived from an herb and doesn't manipulate my insulin levels.

Pre-Contest Diet:

    Meal 1:
    4 egg whites, 1 yolk, 1/2 c. cooked oats, 1/4 c. blueberries, 1/4 c. organic soymilk, cinnamon.

    Meal 2:
    MRM protein powder

    Meal 3:
    1 sm. can of tuna or 1 chicken breast, 2 c.salad greens, dressing (1 Tbsp Udo's oil, balsamic vinegar a 1 tsp. grain mustard), 1/2 sweet potato.

    Meal 4:
    1 green apple, 12 almonds or walnuts

    Meal 5:
    7 oz. salmon or 6 oz. chicken, 1 c. steamed broccoli or spinach.

    Meal 6:
    4 egg whites scrambled or protein shake w/1 Tbsp. organic peanut butter.

Contest Diet:

    Meal 1:
    Egg white omelet made w/4 egg whites, 1 c. spinach, 1 Tbsp. Udo's oil.

    Meal 2:
    Protein shake (water) + 1 Tbsp. Udo's oil.

    Meal 3:
    1/2 chicken breast, 2 c. salad greens w/ dressing (same as above).

    Meal 4:
    4 egg whites or 1/2 chicken breast + 1 Tbsp. Udo's oil.

    Meal 5:
    6 oz. fish fillet (orange roughy or tilapia), 1 c. steamed greens (asparagus, bok choy, broccoli), 1 Tbsp. Udo's oil.

    Meal 6:
    1/2 chicken breast, 1 Tbsp. Udo's oil.

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

MRM Metabolic Whey w/ Stevia and Udo's Oil. The Udo's Oil (flax base) helps to metabolize my body fat and the EFA's are great for enhancing muscular development, stamina, recovery while reducing joint pain. During my last 8 weeks of prep I have experimented with cutting complex carbohydrates in favor of increased Udo's oil to help fuel my body and elminate sugar cravings.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

I love the effects that weight training has on the body. With age, we all need to do whatever we can to reduce the signs of aging and strengthen our bones, muscles and improve our balance. Strength training does all that and more.

I enjoy competing because it fun to have an exciting goal to work toward. I enjoy the challenge that comes with preparing for a competition while discovering ways to improve my nutritional plans with each changing year of my life.

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

My plans for the next year are to train for the National Figure Championships and the Ontario and World Natural Qualifiers in Spring 2006. I like shorter term goals too and might be tempted to train for a Figure competition this Fall.

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What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

Treat your body with respect. Provide it effective and varied workout programs accompanied with the freshest, most wholesome foods you can find. The body will respond kindly when you consistently provide it with simple, real food for improved growth and function.

By doing so, you will quickly discover how your body works because you won't be complicating the matter by adding many supplements. If you feel the need to try other supplementation, introduce one at a time so you can be aware of how your body reacts to it and decide whether it works to your advantage or not.

Believe you can do anything you set your mind to. The mind is very powerful yet you have the choice whether it works for you or against you. Above all, set passionate goals! This should be fun!

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

I have great respect and admiration for Kary Odiatu who is a true natural athlete who echos my sentiments about clean food for fuel. I also admire the physiques of Monica Brant, Jenny Lynn, Elaine Goodlad and Canadian natural bodybuilder, Maria Cortes.