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Vital Stats
  • Name:  Ernie Taylor
  • Location:  Birmingham, UK
  • Born:  May 8, 1970
  • Height:  5' 8"
  • Off Season Weight:  285 lbs.
  • Competition Weight:  234 lbs.

Competitive Record

  • 2002 Grand Prix England - 4th
  • 2002 Mr. Olympia - 14th
  • 2002 IFBB Arnold Classic - 8th
  • 2001 British Grand Prix - 5th
  • 2001 Night of Champions XXIII - 7th
  • 1999 Olympia - IFBB, 13th
  • 1999 Night of Champions - IFBB, 6th
  • 1997 Night of Champions - IFBB, 3rd
  • 1998 Night of Champions - IFBB, 5th
  • 1998 Olympia - IFBB, 8th
  • 1995 1995 EFBB British heavyweight class, 1st
  • 1993 NABBA Britain, 2nd

Ernie Taylor

Role Model in Bodybuilding: Dorian Yates

Bodybuilders Whose Physiques You Most Admire: Dorian Yates and Vince Taylor

Bodybuilders Whose Personality You Most Admire: Dorian again!

Highlight Of Your Career: The debut at the 1997 Night of the Champions

Biggest Disappointment of Your Career: Nothing

Best Bodypart: Triceps

Worst Bodypart: Lower body

Favourite Exercise: Leg Presses

Least-Favourite Exercise: Lateral Raises

Traits You Admire Most In Others: Honesty and strength of character

Traits You Admire Most In Yourself: Ditto!

Favourite TV Program: The X Files

Favourite City: New York City

Favourite Actor: Samual L. Jackson

Favourite Food: Ice-cream

Favourite Car: Toyota Land Cruisern

What You Would Want To Be If Not In Bodybuilding: Pro rugby player

Long-Term Bodybuilding Ambition: To take bodybuilding to the max and to do well in all shows

Long-Term Personal Ambition: To be hapy and have peace of mind

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Contact Information

c/o Temple Street Gym
16 Temple Street
Birmingham, England

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