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Marla Duncan

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Vital Stats
  • Name:   Marla Duncan
  • Height:   5'6"
  • Born:   July 19
  • Weight:   130 lbs.
  • Hometown:   California
  • Eyes:   Hazel
  • Hair:   Blonde
  • Measurements:   36-24-36

Competitive Record

  • 1990 Ms. Fitness USA, 1st
  • 1990 Ms. Fitness USA/San Francisco, 1st

Marla Duncan

Marla Duncan has spent over 16 years in the gym and is one of the co-founding mothers of fitness contests. Marla is one of the worlds most photographed fitness models with dozens of magazine covers to her fame. She recently made her debut in the Playboy Hardbodies issue and gave birth to her first child, Wyatt in 1997. She now pursues careers as a personal trainer, fitness magazine columnist, and owner/designer of her own line of clothing.

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Contact Information

Marla Duncan
P.O. Box 417614
Sacramento, CA 95841-7614

Marla Duncan Pro Bodybuilding Profile.

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