Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: Cody Melton

Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: Cody Melton! - Pics and info and more!

How Did You Get Started?

I originally got started in bodybuilding back in 2005. I was tired of being out of shape, missing workouts, going out drinking with friends and staying out late. I needed to change my life and bodybuilding was the only avenue I knew where I could do that. I'd always been passionate about working out, but never really put 100% in to living the lifestyle.

Back in college I worked out at a hardcore gym, there were always bodybuilders around prepping for shows. I had always wanted to compete, but didn't feel like I was good enough and believe it or not I wasn't a very confident person. I mean get on stage in those little trunks in front of hundreds of people, C'mon!

However several years later I found myself searching around on the internet and came across this website called I went to the article section and began reading. I couldn't help but to read just about every article on contest prep they had. Articles written by Derek Charlebois and Layne Norton really inspired me to take the plunge and get on stage. So needless to say I hit the gym 4-5 days a week, started doing cardio 5-6 days per week and eventually hired Layne Norton to help with my prep.

In just 11 weeks of dieting Layne turned a fat out of shape guy into and actual bodybuilder. My class was tough with 11 people. After it was all said and done I ended up placing 6th. It wasn't the outcome I hoped for, but it was the most rewarding experience of my life! Now I could actually call myself a Bodybuilder!

Cody Melton.
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Cody Melton.

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

Superset - Two exercises are performed consecutively without any rest.
Failure - That point in an exercise at which you have so fully fatigued your working muscles that they can no longer complete an additional repetition of a movement with strict biomechanics. You should always take your post-warm-up sets at least to the point of momentary muscular failure, and frequently past that point.

Day 1: Lower Body (Strength/Power)

Day 2: Upper Body (Strength/Power)

Day 3: Cardio & Abs

Day 4: Lower Body (Hypertrophy)

Day 5: Back & Biceps (Hypertrophy)

Day 6: Chest, Triceps & Shoulders (Hypertrophy)

Cody Melton.
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Cody Melton.

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

Meal 1 - 6am:

Meal 2 - 9am:

Meal 3 - Noon:

Meal 4 - 3pm:

Meal 5 - 4:30pm (Pre-Workout):

Meal 6 - During Workout:

Meal 7 - 7pm:

Meal 8 - 9:30pm:

Cody Melton.
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Cody Melton.

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

I mainly use Scivation Products. With the given research supporting the benefits of additional BCAAs, Scivation Extend gives me the ability to recover from strenuous workouts while helping me add lean mass. I also like Scivation VasoCharge for my pre-workout energy boost. It has an ample amount of Beta-alanine and creatine which research has shown to increase strength in trained males. In addition to these products I also take 2g of vitamin C per day, 3g of fish oil, and a multivitamin.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is my passion and my release from life's challenges. Bodybuilding has really changed my life, the way I think and the way I live. Bodybuilding is a sport where you can not only challenge yourself each day, but also compete with others around you. I love living the bodybuilding lifestyle and being an example for all those around me including family, friends and co-workers. It gives me the ability to change lives by showing that even an average person with average genetics can succeed if you put forth the effort.

I like to think of myself as an ordinary person with average genetics that has with extraordinary effort, passion and that I will become an above average bodybuilder. Train hard, train smart and don't leave anything in the gym. I absolutely love throwing around heavy weights and the feeling of adrenaline pumping as I walk up to the bar loaded with 45 pound plates. There's nothing like it! I continue to motivate myself by thinking back to something 2 Pac said, "It's me against the world baby".

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

I just competed in November 2008 in the Texas State Championships where I placed 1st in the Novice Lightweight Division and in the Lackland Bodybuilding Classic where I placed 3rd in the Open Lightweight Division. I plan on competing in the same shows again in 2010. My wife and I just had our first child December 6th of 2008. So I want to take some time off from competing and spend time with him. Plus I feel I need another year to add some needed mass to really make a run for a top spot. Hopefully I can come back to challenge for a place at the NPC Team Universe in 2010.

Cody Melton.
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Cody Melton.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

Don't let anyone out work you in the gym, and make every set and rep count. Always be consistent with your nutrition and workouts. Keep your workouts intense and know with time your hard work will pay off. Be patient!

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

Choosing my favorite bodybuilder? Man, that's pretty difficult. I really like Dennis Wolf, very aesthetic physique with huge legs and a small waist! I also really like Branch Warren (Dallas Native), his intensity and passion for game really inspires me. I can't fail to mention Layne Norton, I've followed his progress for many years and he continues to inspire me with his work ethic and knowledge. Layne is a true bodybuilder in every sense of the word.