Jason Bennett


I am a 21 year old cadet at the Air Force Academy. Born on 9 October, 1979. I have been training serious now since I was 15 years old. I have gone from 5'10" 180 lbs @ 16% body fat to 240 @ 9% body fat.

Editor's Note: That's an incredible change in weight and body fat! 240 lbs @ 9% is HUGE at 5'10"!

I haven't done any shows yet because I have too big of a workload at school and can't get the time off to travel. I have an extensive knowledge on training, exercises, supplements, diets, etc. I am willing to help out anybody in any way I can.

Latest News! Updated December, 2002.

Right now I am coming in at about 256 lbs. I am now a Lieutenant at Peterson AFB Colorado, Colorado Springs. I don't know any measurements, I do not do that all too often. I work as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness and help out the USA Air Force Academy's bodybuilding club.

I do not really have any news, I do not do too much. Just trying to get big!

Thanks a ton, looking forward to the results.


  • Back To The Gym!

    I went home and devised a plan for the next two weeks to specifically target getting back into proper form. I call this my Back to the Gym Plan and hopefully it can help anyone of you reading this come back from a long layoff.

  • Build Bulldozer Quads!

    This is for the mother f@#kers that don't feel pain, that don't want to be an American Eagle model, and that have the time to not move for the next two days and are willing to be fed by a tube, like the guy in the Metallica video for the song 'One'.

  • Cardio... Sucks! Make It Fun!

    All these ways are great for burning fat. The treadmill, stair master, elliptical thing, and bike seem to be popular. But, if you are anything like me, cardio sucks ass and it's the last thing you want to do, ever...

  • The Shadow IIII!

    This is the last of the Shadow articles. Find out what they have been about, my journey through time creating a big back using the tools and techniques set forth by awesome, champion bodybuilders.

  • The New Two-Week Plan!

    Through years of reading those magazines, doing football workouts and watching the bigger and older guys in the gym I figured out a plan that I thought would be the best for me. I devised this plan with a few key lagging body parts in mind.

  • How To Be A Bodybuilderï¼?

    There are two types of bodybuilders: Those who try out all the muscle gaining plans out there and those who stick with what works. Which type are you?

  • Eating Like A Freak!

    If you are small, you need to eat big. If you are of medium stature, you need to eat big. If you are big, you need to eat big. If you are huge, you need to eat big!

  • Demolishing The Delts!

    If you want boulder shoulders, huge mounds of flesh with thick-ass Paul Dillet veins running through them. Three monstrous heads each with their own personality and sense of humor, then keep reading!

  • The Shadow III!

    When you spread your lats, its ok if they stick out a little, a little, get it, a little. When I hit a spread, it is going to be like a tidal wave hitting the crowd in the face, a big slab of granite etched out that comes off the stage and engulfs people.

  • The Amazing 10-10-2-20 Leg Routine!

    After my first set of warm ups, I stood up and must have gotten into just the right light, because my quads looked so f$@king freaky, I almost jumped out of my shoes. Learn how I trained with the amazing 10-10-2-20 leg routine for huge growth!

  • Demolition Man - Learn How To Train Harder!

    If you are a bodybuilder, weightlifter, exerciser, whatever, listen up; I have some news for you. It is a flash that just came in over the fitness hot lines. You ready?

  • Stick With The Basics For Absolutely Ridiculous Growth!

    Like Ronnie Coleman says, 'Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don't nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight!' Learn the secrets here!

  • The Shadow!

    That's what I want people to be thinking when I am onstage for my shows. I want to hit a front or rear lat spread and have people have to move their heads from side to side to see the whole thing, even the people in the back of the show.

  • When Diet Disaster Strikes!

    And that if they cheat on their diets the evil 'cheat fairy' will come with her whip and give you a thousand lashes until you cry so long you have burnt off all those extra calories

  • Getting Big While Creating As Much Striation As Possible!

    Prepare to make incredible gains!

  • Pectorific?

    You are strolling through the mall with your two fully packed and chiseled pecs that bulge through your double X shirt that is still tight up top.

  • Dial In Your Plan To Achieve Summer Perfection - Part 1.

    Now that summer is upon us I would like to share my third phase which inlcudes an addition to diet.

  • Does That Guy Have Basketballs On His Shoulders?

    Dynamic Delt routine, what's that? It's a routine that will make your shoulders look so unreal people will stare and ask the very question 'Does That Guy Have Basketballs on his Shoulders?'

  • Mount Saint Trap!

    Who here wants freaky traps? The kind that stick up past your head, the kind that make you look like you are wearing a neck roll and just got signed by the Broncos, the just straight freaky-ass traps!

  • The Shadow II Back Routine!

    Let's get right down to the heart of this thing, 24 hours ago I was flexing in front of the mirror and pulled out a front lat spread and almost knocked the lamp off a table that was three feet away.

  • The Stretch!

    So there I was, reading through the latest articles on the website and I came across one that seamed intriguing. It was about the last week before a show, I wondered what new insights I could get from it.

  • Being A Champion.

    My goal, as many of you who read my articles know, is to be a freak and a champion.Do something today to make yourself a CHAMPION! Listen to what Jason has to say on becomming a champion!

  • That Time Of The...No Avoidance!

    A time when men have more attitude than menstruating women, a time when we all turn in to hypochondriacs and pretend to be sick to get out of what lies ahead.

  • Getting BIG: Diet And Prohormone Cycles!

    Here is what to do to get big, follow it and watch yourself grow. Food makes you big, at least good food does.

  • Dial In Your Plan To Achieve Summer Perfection - Part 2.

    As promised I said I would write a separate article detailing my supplementation for this third phase. Also a little update on my third phase is that I have cut back on the fruit and peanut butter as I have become a little soft.

  • What I Am Doing Right Now.

    Hey everyone, summer is just around the corner and I hope you are all transitioning into your summer look as you want to.

  • How Much Ya Benching?

    We all know what a bodybuilder's main focus is, the pump. This article is going to talk about how a powerlifter trains and why its important.

  • Sugar = Suicide!

    The other day I was reading through some articles I get and came across one about sugar and white flour. Now, we all know that sugar is man's worst enemy in the fight for large freakish muscles and destroying body fat...

  • Diets & Mass Gains.

    Here is how this works. This is more of a summer get big while creating as much definition and striation as possible.

  • Injury Free Training!

    A lot of times poor technique leads to injury, causing someone to have to put off their training... therefore setting farther back their goals of becoming a Greek god. Learn how to prevent injuries forever!

  • Protein...What's All The Controversy About?

    Lately articles fighting over whey or casein have bombarded us bodybuilders. Learn about a few common & popular proteins.

  • Everyone Has A Leg Routine!

    This site has been getting bombarded with leg routine articles, so I decided I would write one. The one that I am currently doing which are turning my legs into two bulldozers that make people jump out of the way in terror that I might run over them...

  • Be A Freak!

    Learn how to be a freak. Crank up the intensity. Use this true story of how I train as your motivation! You will want to print this and read it every day.