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Hugo A. Rivera, a University of South Florida graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and also a Trainer Certification from the ISSA, was born December 5, 1974 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. As an overweight child he experienced at an early age the feelings of insecurity that come along with obesity as well as the scorn and ridicule from the people around him.

After going anorexic at the age of 13 and losing a total of 70 pounds in less than a year, he was taken to a nutritionist by his concerned parents in an effort to stop the anorexic cycle. This nutritionist mentioned one thing that would change Hugo's outlook on dieting forever: "Eating food will not make you fat; only abusing the quantities of the bad foods will." After listening to that statement, Hugo decided to kick the anorexic habit and to dedicate his life to studying the effects of foods on the human physiology.

By the age of fifteen Hugo's interest in how food affects the shape and the form of your body naturally led to an interest in the area of exercise, something that led him to become an avid natural bodybuilder.

Discovering early on that there wasn't much realistic or practical bodybuilding or fitness advice, he went on to start recording what worked and what didn't for him. After much trial and error, he started finding principles that he noticed worked on any healthy human being. The best part of it all was his discovery on the fact that there was no necessity to stay all day at the gym in order to get results!

Upset at the fact that not many people in the industry cared about trainees actually reaching their goals, he decided to create a web site and start conducting personal training during his college years in an effort to spread all of the knowledge that he had acquired.

Fourteen years later Hugo holds a Statewide Natural Bodybuilding Title (Mr. Typhoon Bay) and also a 4th Place in the Nationwide NPC Team Universe (the natural bodybuilder's highest and most competitive contest). Hugo is now considered an expert in the industry and he has dedicated much of his time to helping normal people achieve their dream figures by sharing sensible and practical knowledge that he has found over the years to work even on the most stubborn metabolisms.

Published Works

The Body Sculpting Bible for Men (#1 in the Barnes and Noble Men's Health Division)
The Body Sculpting Bible for Women
Body Re-Engineering (e-book)
The Hardgainer's Bodybuilding Handbook
The Body Sculpting Bible 21-Minute Express Workout for Men
The Body Sculpting Bible 21-Minute Express Workout for Men
The Body Sculpting Bible for Brides

Works in Progress
The Body Sculpting Bible Chest and Arms Specialization Workout for Men
The Body Sculpting Bible Buns and Thighs Specialization Workout for Women

Age: 30
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