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At CS Publishing we're dedicated to providing frank, drug-free, practical and useful training information for ANYONE who's interested in developing a better physique -- EVEN people who are short on time.

Whether you're a hardcore bodybuilder, or a fitness or strength trainee, male or female, beginner or very advanced, or want to train in a public gym or home gym, we offer a WEALTH of information and wisdom. Regardless of your age or where you train, or whether you want to build 10 pounds of muscle or 50, the training know-how you need is more or less the same.

Our Website And Publications Are About:

    1. More practical, instruction-dense, time-proven training advice than can be found anywhere else.

    2. Radical opinions telling you what you NEED to hear, not just what you may WANT to hear.

    3. Training methods that work WITHOUT great genetics and WITHOUT drug assistance.

    4. Training routines that rely mostly upon traditional and commonly-available equipment.

    5. Step-by-step training programs for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees.

Our website and publications will teach you how to become one of the training world's exceptions -- a SUCCESS STORY.

Read - Understand - Apply - Persist - ACHIEVE!

Stuart McRobert
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