Fawnia Mondey


I am a dance instructor, fitness model, writer and actress. In 1998, I self-produced the world's first instructional pole dance video making me a pioneer of what's now America's latest fitness craze: Pole Dancing for Fitness!

United Pole Artists is excited to announce Fawnia Dietrich as the first Pro-Poler of the Year for 2011!

I have appeared on the cover of Muscle Mag International, Body of Science, Canadian Health & Fitness, Body Talk, as well as in Muscle & Fitness, Oxygen, Flex, Ironman, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, Ms. Fitness and many others, including Playboy's special editions (4 times), and Playboy's "Best of Canadian Girls 2004" calendar.

In 2005, I had made my first appearance on the American stage, placing 3rd at the Emerald Cup, and the following week competed in the PNC Pittsburg Amateur & Pro Show. I placed 1st at the BC Championships on Aug 6th, 2005, re-qualifying me for the Canadian Nationals in 2006.

Goal: Earning my Pro Card as a Figure competitor.

Since 2005 I have been living in Las Vegas where I have the luxury of teaching women (and men) from around the world how to pole dance. I wrote the course for the Pole Dance Instructors Certification (PDIC) and the forward for The Complete Idiot's Guide to Exotic and Pole Dancing. Next time you are in Las Vegas, come by the studio for a class!


  • 2nd Place 2009 Fitness America - Figure Short
  • 2nd Place 2009 Canadian Fitness and Figure Nationals - Figure Medium
  • 3rd Place 2008 Canadian Fitness and Figure Nationals - Figure Medium
  • 1st Place 2007 Canadian Fitness and Figure Nationals - Figure Medium
  • 1st Place 2006 Best Legs Las Vegas, Rainbow Bar & Grill
  • 5th Place 2006 Emerald Cup - Figure 5'3"-5'4"
  • 1st Place 2005 BC Championships - Figure Short
  • 2005 NPC Pittsburgh Amateur & Pro Show - up to 5'4"
  • 3rd Place 2005 Emerald Cup - Figure 5'3"-5'4"
  • 9th Place 2004 Canadian Nationals - Figure Medium
  • 5th Place 2003 Sophie's Swimwear Pageant
  • 2nd Place 2003 BC Championships Figure - Short
  • 1st Place 1999 Muscle & Fitness Mania Women's Lightweight Bodybuilding
  • 1st Place Miss Nude Internet 1999
  • 3rd Miss Hawaiian Topic - British Columbia, Canada 1997 & 1999
  • 1st Miss Nude B.C. 1995/1996
  • 1st Miss Nude Western Canada 1995/1996
  • 1st North American Exotic Dance Champion
  • 1st Canada's Rookie of the Year 1995/1996
  • 1st Canada's Western Champion 1995/1996
  • 1st Canada's Edmonton Champion 1995/1996
  • 1st Miss Nude Amateur World 1995/1996
  • 4th Place 1994 BC Championships Freestyle Wrestling

I enjoy writing, dancing, travelling, and entertaining others.

Working in front of the camera has been my passion since I was very young, and to this date I have been fortunate to have pursued and fulfilled many of my dreams.


Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, Oxygen Magazine, Muscle Marketing USA, Pumped Action Wear clothing, Playboy's Natural Beauties, Drive Health & Fitness, Makes & Models' Magazine: Playboy Playmates Etc, Flex Magazine, Menz Magazine, Ultimate Athlete, Playboy's Lingerie, Malibu Body Wear, Ms. Fitness, Canadian Health & Fitness, MuscleMag International, Muscle & Fitness, Playboy's Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads, American Curves, Hardcore Muscle, Double XL, Body Of Science, Fit Body.


Buds & Babes Calendar, Cardillo Weight Belts Calendar and Catalog, Women of Vancouver Calendar, Playboy's "Best of Canadian Girls 2004" calendar, Ms. Bikini calendar, Unforforgettable Women calendar.


*Photographs by Bill Dobbins & Alan Worsfold

Vital Stats

  • Date Of Birth: Sept 24, 1975
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Measurements: 36a-24-34"
  • Weight: 109 lbs (contest); 120-130 lbs (off season), 117 lbs (comfortable)
  • Bodyfat: 7-9% (contest); 12-14% (off-season)
  • Best Bodypart: Calves and Butt
  • Favorite Movie: "Awakenings" with Robin Williams, and "My Life Without Me" (I thought it was well done)