David Knowles


I was born June 7, 1980 near Atlanta, Georgia, and raised right outside of Atlanta. Currently, I am in my senior year as a premed student at the University of Georgia. I will graduate in December, 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree in Exercise Science. My ultimate goal is to start medical school in 2003, and eventually become a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

Initially, I competed in powerlifting during highschool and college. I had always wanted to be a bodybuilder, but never wanted to risk losing any muscle that I had worked so hard to gain. After doing some extensive reading and talking with other bodybuilders, I decided to prepare for my first bodybuilding show. The process of training like a bodybuilder was slow, but I adapted, and training at high intensity eventually became second nature.

I started training with a friend of mine, Johnny McGinnis after spring semester in May, 2001. Finally, after endless sets of forced reps, I was ready to enter my first bodybuilding contest on September 8, 2001. My parents and friends were there to support and aide me in prejudging and the night show. It was an SNBF show, and I'm proud to say that I won my novice class, the novice overall, and my open class. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the unbelievable help and support from my family and friends.

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  • Hardcore Precontest Training Journal 2!

    Unfortunately, yesterday's day-of-rest was not a very restful one. However, I feel good enough to start this last round of workouts. This schedule was perfect because I am finishing this round on Saturday, which puts me one week out from the contest!

  • Hardcore Precontest Training Journal 1!

    However, the workouts weren't that long, and they were only once a day. Although I am not able to train at that intensity by myself, I am making up for the this deficit by going to the gym 3 times every day and hitting the weights, balls out...

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  • Positive Lifting!

    Have you ever heard someone say to his training partner 'get your mind right' before a set? That's what I mean by having a certain mindset.

  • Hardcore Precontest Training Journal!

    I had a relaxed weekend, and had a lot of fun, so I just decided to skip out on the gym for an extra day.

  • My Precontest Preparation!

    After I decided not to do the contest, I went back to my normal routine, eating whatever I wanted while training as hard as ever. I met with Phano less than three weeks before the contest. He felt that I could, so I decided to resume my preperation.

  • The Road To The 2002 NPC Georgia!

    For me, the precontest preparation was nothing short of a roller coaster ride! I started out preparing to do this contest about 9 months ago. But, things never work as planned.

  • David's Latest Training Journal - 6/09/02 - 6/15/02!

    I am not positively sure that postponing the contest was the right decision. Of course, it will free up a lot of time, but it would also be great to win that contest. I have been able to spend a lot of time with my grandfather during this hard time.

  • Strictly For Beginners!

    Recently, I have been getting an extensive number of messages with questions about what to eat, what to do in the gym, how much to much to eat, what supplements to buy, etc. Here, I will include a workout plan and a diet to follow.

  • Muscle Injury And Overtraining!

    Most serious weight lifters have been injured before and are familiar with the drawbacks of injury. On another note, many beginning weight lifters, and even those with experience, fall into the trap of overtraining.

  • Training Log 6/02/02 - 6/08/02, The Saga Continues!

    Unfortunately, I have decided to withdraw from competing in my next scheduled contest. I have decided to do this because I have chosen to instead spend more time with my grandfather. Understandably, he has taken the passing of my grandmother pretty hard.

  • Top 5 Mass Building Exercises!

    I can't tell you how many times people have asked me for the best exercises to do in the gym to get big. Well, before I go any further, listen up. I'm going to tell you five exercises that have great potential for helping you build muscle.

  • David's Latest Training Journal - 5/26/02 - 6/01/02!

    This week was a pretty good one. The downside to not having a workout partner is, of course, not having a spot. This is really no big deal if you know someone in the gym. However, if you don't, workouts like chest or back can suffer?Big time!

  • The Facts On Fatigue!

    Fatigue: a failure to maintain required or expected force due to muscular activity. Many of us know this as failure during a set, but a majority of people don't know the source of fatigue. Discover more!

  • David's Latest Training Journal - 5/19/02 - 5/25/02!

    This week definitely proved to be somewhat mentally challenging and relieving. Late in the week, I had to let my training partner go. Now I'm flying solo for the contest preparation. It's kind of a bad thing in that I have no spotter.

  • David's Latest Training Journal - 5/12/02 - 5/18/02!

    This is what I've been waiting for!! Finally, a little time to relax and worry about nothing. This was a great week for training since I can rest all day and be, basically worthless. I'm about 8 weeks out...

  • David's Latest Training Journal - 5/5/02 - 5/11/02!

    What a week, I feel like I've been run over by a train. If I can make it through these last two finals, I can make it through anything. Soon, working out and dieting will be all that needs to be worried about. With this week, I am about 2 months out...

  • Training Log 4/28/02 - 5/04/02 The Saga Continues!

    From here on out, the journals will be from Sunday to Saturday, starting with this one. I have also made an addition. At the end of every journal, there will be a summary of the exercises, weight, and reps that I did for every workout.

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  • Cannon-Ball Shoulders!

    The deltoids can be separated into three different individual muscles. Similar to the triceps, in order to effectively train the shoulders, you need to do the appropriate exercises to hit all three groups or muscles...

  • Hamstring Training 101!

    To me, nothing looks worse onstage than when a guy or girl has great quads and shitty hamstrings. However full and developed hamstrings turn heads when it's time to turn around for the judges.

  • Training Log 4/22-4/27 The Saga Continues!

    All I've got to say is thank God the MCAT is over, I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. My sleeping is back to normal, my diet is back to normal, and I am 100% ready to get down to business in the gym.

  • Scientific Proof That CLA Has Fat-Burning Properties!

    Conjugated linoleic acid is an omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid (EFA) which is formed from linoleic acid in bacterium via a specific isomerase (a type of enzyme).

  • Unleashing The Three-Headed Monster!

    For all you guys that want huge arms, take this into consideration before you get caught up in only doing curls. Your triceps make up two-thirds of your upper arm.

  • Huge Gains In A Short Time!

    Stuck on a plateau? Learn how to get off of it and get gaining!

  • What To Buy?

    Obviously taking supplements can give you an edge if the right supplements are taken correctly. The problem is that most people have no idea of what to buy in order to help reach their goal...

  • Making Time And Making The Most Of Your Time!

    If you want to succeed in bodybuilding, you need to make time in order to train. Trust me, even with the busiest schedule you can have time to workout. Sacrifice is key.

  • A Nutrition Lesson!

    That's right, if you're not eating enough carbohydrates, your body will start breaking down precious muscle tissue for glucose.

  • Contest Day!

    If you've ever wondered what happens on the day of a bodybuilding contest for a competing bodybuilder, then listen up. It is really one of the longest days you'll go through, that is, if you dieted right and conditioned yourself correctly.

  • Build Monster Quads!

    Having to actually think about a quad workout always sends chills up my spine. I guess this is why many people steer clear of this aspect of training and, instead, focus on bench press and biceps curls.

  • Mental Strength!

    It's one thing to be physically strong in the gym. It's another to be mentally tough also. This can make all the difference for a person.

  • Training Log 4/15-4/21 The Saga Continues!

    Unfortunately, due to the fact that the MCAT is this Saturday, this week's training cycle suffered only slightly in order for me to get sufficient time to study and taper off from studying this week. I was starting to get overly stressed by mid-week.

  • Training Log 4/8-4/14 The Saga Continues!

    The Saga Continues: Chest, Abs, Back, Shoulders, Calves, Quads, and Arms!

  • Training Log 4/1-4/7 The Saga Continues!

    We are back again, from spring break, and ready to get back down to business. It was a pretty good week off. I spent my time basically studying the whole time for the magical day, 4/20/02, the MCAT. I was definitely ready to get back on schedule.

  • Training Log 3/18-3/25 The Saga Continues!

    It's officially Spring Break at the University of Georgia. I'm definitely looking forward to the gym being empty since I am staying at school to study for the MCAT. Our schedule was off this week because of school being out.

  • Training Log 3/11-3/17 The Saga Continues!

    Here's yet another week of intense training. Right now, I am a little less than 4 months out from my next contest. Enjoy!

  • Training Log 3/11-3/17 The Saga Continues!

    Unfortunately, it was Monday, so every frat boy was using every incline, flat, and decline bench in the gym. We decided to do abs first instead.

  • My Training Log 2/25-3/03!

    Hey everyone, I'm starting a training log so that you can get an idea of what Phano and I actually do in the gym. At this point, I'm a little over 5 months out from my next contest which is in the beginning of July.

  • How To Choose A Gym!

    These tips will allow you to choose a gym to meet your every bodybuilding need.

  • Ultimate Pump!

    Have you ever gone into the gym feeling great, but came out feeling like you didn't do anything? How about going to the gym feeling run down, but had the best pump in your life?

  • Killer Strength Program!

    OK, before I start, this is a powerlifting program, not a bodybuilding program. Of all the programs I've tried, this has boosted my strength the most. Here is my full 14-week cycle!

  • Train Like A Champ!

    In order to maximize growth, you must be consistent. You must be willing to make sacrifices and also put up with criticism from others.

  • David Knowles Biography.

    I began lifting when I was very young, around eight years old. My dad had always been a big guy, so I started going to the gym with him to watch him workout.