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History Of American Fitness Institute:

    Since 2004, the American Fitness Institute (AFI) Personal Training Certification has helped thousands of students become Certified Personal Trainers. AFI teaches Personal Trainers the proper way to train, and how to market their business. Graduates receive a virtual office with: e-mail, a personal webpage, business cards and all the necessary skills and tools for success.

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    The AFI website also provides Personal Trainers with free resources, articles and the tools you need to become successful in fitness.

    Evan Chacker, AFI President & author of "The Business of Personal Training" has helped thousands of students become Certified Personal Trainers and taught how to quickly grow their business and stand out from their competition.

    With a proven background in sales, marketing, and business, Evan has become one of the most sought after consultants by fitness professionals and facility owners who want to reach their full earning potential.

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    The AFI Personal Training Certification teaches students how to become a certified personal trainer. Students learn how to train professionally and the fastest and easiest way to quickly build up their Personal Training business and grow their client list and income.

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